Exercise4Me: My Personalized Exercise Routine


This week is all about YOU. Let’s personalize your exercise routine. 

Below are a few questions to start. if you submit your answers at the end, we’ll formulate a plan for you:

A. What were you doing prior to being diagnosed with breast cancer?

(For example, walking on the treadmill; going to spin class; resistance exercises; I haven’t been active in years)

B. What are your favorite types of activities that you can perform, even after a hard day? 

C. Where is your favorite place or location to workout and with whom?

D. What time of day do you prefer to workout?

E. Do you prefer to workout alone or with a group? 

F. Do you have workout equipment in your house or belong to a fitness center?

G. How much time do you have to commit to exercise per week? (For example, 3 hours a week; no time)

H. Do you have any barriers that keep you from exercising? (For example, time, $, living situation)

I. Are you currently going through treatment now? If so, what type of treatment?

J. Are you experiencing symptoms that prevent you from exercise? (For example, nausea, fatigue)

K. Is there anything your doctor has told you that would limit your ability to start or continue an exercise program? (For example, a heart condition; cancer in hips and spine; lymphedema)

L. What is your motivation for exercising? (For example, I want to stay fit and not gain weight; I want to stay as healthy as possible during treatment; I love exercising and it is the only thing that keeps me sane; My doctor told me to exercise)

M. How has your perspective on exercise changed with your cancer diagnosis?

Send your answers to Outcomes4Me and we will formulate a plan for YOU.

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