Kireina Bell Sancho

Patient Engagement Advisor

A social worker by training and a breast cancer aliver/survivor/graduate, Kireina brings a distinction to patient engagement at Outcomes4Me.

Kireina was familiar with patient care and the hospital system before becoming a patient herself. She brings a focus on patient engagement with over a decade of experience serving patient communities in the Boston area and in her homeland of Ecuador. Guided by her passion for breast cancer awareness, as well as by years working with patients in such varied arenas as domestic violence, human trafficking, human migration rights and orphan diseases, she has taken on a wide range of roles and experiences in therapy, case management and advocacy, in the non-profit, healthcare and pharmaceutical fields.

She earned her Master's in Clinical Social Work at Boston College. She is a current member of the Adult Patient and Family Advisory Council at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

At Outcomes4me, Kireina is dedicated to putting the caring of patient experience first. "I have found a new purpose in life after my cancer diagnosis and that is to share as openly and authentically as possible my experience and those of others I've been grateful to witness. Patient advocacy is creating opportunities to access clear pathways that lead one to be one's own agent for healing. That's why I got involved with Outcomes4me, because there's so much more we can do with patients and for patients. I know I would have benefited from a companion piece to chronicle it all, to share info with others, to help me understand and navigate all my options, to keep track of my treatment, care team, appointments, article; to simply remind me: I've got this!"