Marketing Manager

We’re looking for someone to drive our brand and user growth through full-funnel consumer marketing. Strong experience with consumer and digital marketing and a minimum 5-year experience in a marketing role are required. Additional experience marketing mobile apps, marketing to healthcare consumers, and building marketing operations in a startup environment are desired. Must be comfortable combining a data-driven analytical approach with an understanding of how to build an empathetic and supportive tone through language. Experience in managing multiple projects and ensuring a constant flow of open communication among all campaign stakeholders is essential, as is the ability to extrapolate post-campaign data and translate into actionable feedback. This position is full-time and based at our Boston area office.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Drive all facets of the consumer funnel and develop effective acquisition channels (paid and organic)

  • Plan, execute and optimize quarterly Marketing initiatives ensuring all marketing activity feels local, personal and delivers measurable user growth and/or retention

  • Develop a consumer marketing strategy, ensuring all activities are linked directly to brand and user growth targets

  • Produce campaign retrospectives working closely with the Product Lead, Clinical Operations Manager, Product Designer and engineering team to uncover insights to inform future initiatives and help demonstrate the return on investment.

  • Partner with the Product Lead to prepare a regular cadence of brand trackers and consumer analysis to disseminate feedback with key stakeholders

  • Efficiently manage the marketing budget

  • Manage our email and conference marketing calendar - you will play a huge part in how we talk to users (and prospective users) and when and how we reach out to them

  • Conceptualize and launch innovative seasonal and promotional campaigns, including coordinating conferences

  • Collaborate with product, design, clinical, and engineering to ensure we continue to deliver innovative and exceptional experiences

  • Design and execute email marketing campaigns

  • Operate the company’s social media presence

What you’ll bring:

  • 5+ year experience in the full marketing lifecycle including devising, creating, executing and tracking consumer organic and paid online and offline campaigns

  • 2+ year experience with paid Facebook, Google and Instagram ads with strict CPA targets

  • 2+ year experience with conference exhibits and campaigns

  • Strong writing ability

  • Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite or Final Cut Pro knowledge, or willingness to learn in order to increase creative production efforts for necessary creative assets

  • History of effective paid social, direct response copywriting and the ability to direct copy execution and creation

  • Experience interfacing with creative teams and project managers to drive the creation of image and video assets that will improve paid social campaigns

  • Strong analytical skills with attention to detail

  • Adaptable with a strong ability to learn new skills

  • Your Excel game is strong to quite strong

  • Experience in a start-up atmosphere

You’re a good fit if you’re a:

  • Confident doer

  • Energetic spirit

  • Insightful thinker

  • Thoughtful leader

  • Noble do-gooder

  • Caring human

About Outcomes4Me

Having a life-threatening disease, such as cancer, is devastating. It’s like being forced to start a new job with no applicable experience, a job you can’t quit and in which poor performance might cost you your life.

In 2017, the U.S. alone spent over $80 billion a year researching and treating cancer. Despite new developments and the progress being made:

  • Treatment approaches are complex and vary widely

  • We don’t really know how treatments perform outside of clinical trials, in the real world

  • Patients have a hard time understanding their disease and navigating their care

Outcomes4Me helps patients improve their outcomes while simultaneously accelerating the overall cycle of progress. Our app gives patients the ability to manage every aspect of their treatment and recovery. By partnering with national organizations and premier medical institutions, we’re able to provide verified content and functionality that doctors can recommend and patients can trust.

What you’ll find at Outcomes4Me:

  • Purpose: If you gain strength from doing important work, you belong on our team.

  • Challenge: We’re improving the lives of people who need us. We have big challenges ahead and the motivation to overcome them.

  • Respect: Your opinions are valid. Why wouldn’t they be?

  • Trust: We’re building a culture of independence. That means we’re going to trust and support you in making the right decisions.

  • Transparency: You need to see the whole picture if you’re going to make an impact. This is a core principle at Outcomes4Me.

To apply, please email us at

Outcomes4Me is located in Kendall Square, Cambridge MA.