Michelle’s Story

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My name is Michelle Tull. I am 51 years old, a 3x cancer survivor, lymphedema sufferer and most recently experienced a TBI from a bike crash … I chose not to let any of these things define me rather they have refined me … they have helped me to learn and know my own inner strength, joy and peace. Through my rough patches in my life journey I have found my true passion for life via fitness, health and nutrition. I realized through exercise I could distract myself, even when I didn’t want to do anything other than lay in bed and feel sorry for myself. I found that I always felt a little better after I exercised than I did before I started; my clothes fit better (looser); I ate better when I exercised (food is fuel); and I even met some great people along the way (my friends and circle of support grew / increased). It didn’t matter what the level or program of exercise was … I just had to move! Through exercise I found my love for cycling (again) – it had been years (like since I was a teenager) but now … whether I ride 10 miles or 200 miles … I LOVE CYCLING! I’m hooked!

It has been almost three years since my crash; 9 years since my breast cancer diagnosis; 14 years since skin cancer was removed; 20+ years since I had Hodgkins … I truly feel like a survivor! I refuse to let anything get me know OR keep me down! I have this inner drive that I cannot put into words – many do not understand it and that is OK … I firmly believe that I have many more miles to ride, many more lives to change and many more friends to make! I choose to live my life as an inspiration for others to live better, do better, be better via an active, happy and healthy lifestyle AND making the world a better place each and every day ... one meal, one workout, one bike ride, one charity, one dog, and one smile at a time!

One last thought about exercise, Outcomes4Me’s program for cancer survivors is a REAL game changer! I am excited and honored to be a part of the first breast cancer survivor cohort and Tour de Pink cycling team that will help shape the future direction technology platform and research. My hope is that together we can empower other survivors to get involved and be an integral part of personalized medicine.  Know that when I ride – I ride for Outcome4Me and YOU! #outcomes4meANDyou