Our mission

We’re on a mission to improve health outcomes by empowering patients with understandable, relevant, and personally specific information. Patients can interact with our platform to enable better treatment decisions in conjunction with their health care provider, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or geographic location.

With our platform serving as a digital health partner that proactively provides timely information of value, we aim to build long-term relationships, so that patients can take more control of their own care. Our intelligent, technology-based solution combines patient input with current guidelines and the latest research to deliver tailored, timeline treatment information and resources. We plan to harness real-word data to continuously generate better insights.

Patients are our highest priority and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We use the most advanced security and encryption technology available to safeguard user data and protect information. We have also ensured that our platform complies with all HIPAA regulations.

If you are a provider, researcher, payer, or biopharmaceutical company interested in harnessing information to accelerate research and improve patient outcomes, we’d love to tell you about our partnership program.

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Our app is built to empower patients to make decisions based on information personalized to them, including treatments and clinical trials. It also tracks outcomes, providing better evidence on which treatments work for which patients in the real-world.